More Indoor Rowing Records

Two more indoor rowing records to update – first Victoria Starr on a rich vein of form to set a new British half marathon record for 40-49 hwt women in a great time of 1:25:59.9.

Next up was an incredible row by Rod Chinn to break the long-standing World record for 100K in the 60-69 lwt category – an amazing time of 7:14:42.7. Can you imagine rowing for over 7 hours!

As always, in awe of these athletes.

If you are thinking of rowing a half marathon, marathon or 100k, get in touch using our contact form.

Indoor Rowing Plans

We are delighted to announce the launch of 6 standard indoor rowing plans, now available in the Shop (Indoor Rowing Plans section). These Plans are the culmination of over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering one on one coaching for our clients.

The bespoke service is still available, but we recognise that affordability and the time needed for one to one coaching is not for everyone.  The Plans are designed to be self-supporting and will deliver a structured, consistent, and progressive approach to training, for an improved 2000 m performance or race.

Each plan is built around an estimated 2000 m goal ranging form 9’ 45” down to 6’ 56”.   Each Plan is known by its 2000 m target:

  1. Beginners Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Stroke rate (SR) Plan
  2. Beginners 9:45-9:10 – a RPE, SR, and Pace (per 500 m) Plan
  3. Beginners 8:40-8:20 – a RPE, Heart rate (HR), SR, and Pace Plan
  4. Intermediate 8:00-7:48 – a HR, SR, and Pace Plan – THE SUB 8-MINUTE PLAN
  5. Intermediate 7:28-7:16 – a HR, SR, and Pace Plan
  6. Advanced 7:06-6:56 – a HR, SR and Pace Plan – THE SUB 7-MINUTE PLAN

If you have an in between 2000 m time chose the plan closest to your 2000 m time – for instance if your 2000 m time is 8:50 chose the 8:40-8:20 plan.

Each Plan is 12 weeks duration and can be repeated.  The workouts can also be spread out over longer periods if other complimentary training is involved – the key is to do the workouts in sequence, for best results.

Each workout has a specific warmup, work to be completed and cool down. In addition, where appropriate the RPE, HR, SR and Pace are shown.

NOTE – Pace per 500 m is built from power in Watts and not 2000 m pace +/- X seconds, as the relationship between power and pace is nonlinear.

Each plan is £135 – in addition, with each Plan purchase 5 fact sheets are included, free of charge – value £25:

Fact sheets

  1. Technique
  2. The Rowing Muscles
  3. Damper level and Drag Factor
  4. Force Curve, Power (Watts), Pace and Stroke rate
  5. Warmup and Cool down

We recognise that you may need more than one plan, as you progress so we are discounting any second plan to £115 and if you need a third to £100.

Finally, you can also buy a remote test to get a fix on your maximum HR (experienced rowers only) – available in the shop ‘Remote Services’.

Whilst the Plans are self-supporting, we are happy to answer reasonable questions before a purchase decision is made – use our Contact page to do so.

Rod and James set new British Marathon records

It’s been quite a weekend, two marathon records, first up was the amazing Rod Chinn still on a rich vein of record breaking. Broke a long standing 60-69 lwt record held since 2007 by Malcom Fawcett. Malcom was a Fletcher squad athlete so keeping the record in the family – fabulous row Rod in a new record time of 2:47:22

Then the incredible James Cracknell still rocking it at 48, a superb 2:30:37 to knock over 2 minutes off the old 40-49 hwt record.

This makes James the second fastest British rower behind Graham Benton (another Fletcher squad athlete) who set his time in the 30-39 hwt category back in 2012.

In awe of these athletes

If you are thinking of rowing a marathon get in touch using our contact form.

Welcome to the Fletcher Sport Science website.

I would like to start by thanking all my athletes for their support during this difficult period. The Covid 19 lockdown has affected every part of society.

For us, this has meant closing our laboratory with a significant loss of income and with no end date in mind to reopen (will be a new location).

Because of the intimacy and invasive nature of physiological testing we will need to consider very carefully the level of protection we provide for anyone visiting the laboratory and of staff.

In the meantime, remote testing and coaching is still available and, over the next few weeks Fact sheets and e-books will be available in our Shop.

Our Consultants are also available for remote advice. Use the links at the bottom of the Home page or the contact details in each Consultants bio.

We continue to be available by email or mobile – use the Contact page to get in touch.

Stay safe and healthy – see you on the other side.

Eddie Fletcher 06/05/2020