Cycling Training Plans

Now in the shop under Cycling Training Plans are 4 new 12 week plans – the first three are one extra workout a week to incorporate into a structured training plan using your Wattbike/Turbo. The fourth is a fully developed 10 mile TT plan for experienced riders incorporating road rides and Wattbike/Turbo specific workouts.

The first one is to develop leg speed (cadence) at the right gear and rpm – the Leg Speed Revolution Plan is suitable for all riders – priced at £35.

The next 2 plans are one specific Wattbike/Turbo based Hill climb development plans. Hill Climb Revolution 1 is for experienced riders and Hill Climb Revolution 2 is for very experienced riders – each plan is priced at £35 each.

The final plan is a fully developed 12 week, 5 workouts per week plan for the serious 10 mile time trialist – priced at £135.

Each plan contains instructions about the ratio of maximum minute power (MMP) or functional threshold power (FTP), rpm and heart rate to use with each workout and has charts to assist in setting the workout metrics.

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