100km tandem records by David Gillard

First, why does anyone do this to themselves? Take their mind and body voluntarily into a commitment so long and gruelling that mind-games and physical lows are inevitable. The stop-start exertion, with each round grinding you down a little more. Sitting in your corner waiting to be called again and again. Like crew rowing, carryingContinue reading “100km tandem records by David Gillard”

Two new pages have been created

Heart Rate Variability – 3 free papers to download , written by Eddie Fletcher explaining what it is all about and how it works. POWERbreathe – Two  free papers to download, one by Eddie Fletcher, and a second by Professor Alison McConnell. Heavily oriented to rowing but applicable to any sport. We’ve also put the POWERbreathe GuideContinue reading “Two new pages have been created”

New Indoor Rowing Long-Distance Guide – Marathon and 100k

It is finally here, many years in the writing and based on sound scientific principles and data collected from multiple athletes, who have completed the plans. The marathon plan is a significant update on my previous plan, and the 100k is the first time I have published it in full. This is more than just theContinue reading “New Indoor Rowing Long-Distance Guide – Marathon and 100k”

Indoor Rowing Plans

We are delighted to announce the launch of 6 standard indoor rowing plans, now available in the Shop (Indoor Rowing Plans section). These Plans are the culmination of over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering one on one coaching for our clients. The bespoke service is still available, but we recognise that affordability and theContinue reading “Indoor Rowing Plans”

Rod and James set new British Marathon records

It’s been quite a weekend, two marathon records, first up was the amazing Rod Chinn still on a rich vein of record breaking. Broke a long standing 60-69 lwt record held since 2007 by Malcom Fawcett. Malcom was a Fletcher squad athlete so keeping the record in the family – fabulous row Rod in aContinue reading “Rod and James set new British Marathon records”

Welcome to the Fletcher Sport Science website.

I would like to start by thanking all my athletes for their support during this difficult period. The Covid 19 lockdown has affected every part of society. For us, this has meant closing our laboratory with a significant loss of income and with no end date in mind to reopen (will be a new location).Continue reading “Welcome to the Fletcher Sport Science website.”