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“Eddie Fletcher developed a tailored and collaborative summer training program for my son, who is rowing at Brown University. Eddie’s program was effective in taking him to a higher level of performance; adapted to his work schedule in Boston; and combined with regular feedback and pacing advice by email and zoom. I’d recommend Eddie to anyone who wants to improve their rowing training and physiology. He is an expert.”

Malcolm Baker (Competed for US National Teams at Worlds and the 1992 Olympics)

The laboratory is currently closed.

In person Physiological Assessment and Training Sessions are currently not available.

Remote Zoom Testing and Coaching are still available – Email for details.

Watch for Workshops coming soon


Welcome to Fletcher Sport Science – A scientific approach to sport and exercise

Whether you are an elite athlete, or an individual wanting to improve your personal performance we can help you achieve your goals within a safe and scientific environment. We use up to date science and technology to help the journey within a structured, consistent, and progressive training plan.

We have access to other professionals that can help, nutrition, strength & conditioning, and sports psychology.

We also work with teams across several sports, rowing, cycling, rugby (Union and League), football, and many others.

If you are looking for a scientific approach to optimising performance, or need a scientific health and fitness assessment we are here to help.

Physiological testing

We have a fully equipped sports science laboratory providing evidence based physiological testing appropriate to your sport, either 1 on 1 or in small groups.

We also offer a Remote testing service if it’s not possible to visit the laboratory – Remote testing will also combine well with our limited range of standard training plans.

For Remote testing email for details.


We provide coaching plans across several sports notably rowing, cycling, triathlon, and duathlon. Our plans are very structured and manage the appropriate training load, rest, and recovery – our plans are clear and concise and lead you through the whole process from base training through to race performance.

We also have a limited range of standard training plans from 4 to 12 week duration in combination with Remote testing.

For standard training plans email for details.


Our workshops are extremely sought after providing a good mix of science, use of technology and practical advice and guidance.


We write and publish a number of ebooks and factsheets which can be purchased in our shop.

We are always looking for quality authors looking to sell their work. Email us if interested.

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