New Indoor Rowing Long-Distance Guide – Marathon and 100k

It is finally here, many years in the writing and based on sound scientific principles and data collected from multiple athletes, who have completed the plans.

The marathon plan is a significant update on my previous plan, and the 100k is the first time I have published it in full.

This is more than just the plans, which in themselves are extensive and incredibly detailed. All together over 140 workouts over the two plans. Each workout specified by duration, stroke rate, heart rate and pace.

There are detailed heart rate/pacing/stroke rate charts and, for the first time I have published my Fletcher Rowing Power Max test (RPmax), which can be used to find individual heart rate percentages and pacing for the plans.

In addition, there is a section on the physiological demands of marathon and 100k rowing, a section with general guidelines and a section on the long-distance row itself.

Dr Mark Bellamy has written a section on mental preparation and Rachel Armstrong has written a powerful nutrition section, which all rowers should read carefully.

This guide is packed with information over 83 pages – it is an e-book but priced for the value of the training plans.

 £135 and now available in the Shop Indoor Rowing Training Plans section.

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