Rod and James set new British Marathon records

It’s been quite a weekend, two marathon records, first up was the amazing Rod Chinn still on a rich vein of record breaking. Broke a long standing 60-69 lwt record held since 2007 by Malcom Fawcett. Malcom was a Fletcher squad athlete so keeping the record in the family – fabulous row Rod in a new record time of 2:47:22

Then the incredible James Cracknell still rocking it at 48, a superb 2:30:37 to knock over 2 minutes off the old 40-49 hwt record.

This makes James the second fastest British rower behind Graham Benton (another Fletcher squad athlete) who set his time in the 30-39 hwt category back in 2012.

In awe of these athletes

If you are thinking of rowing a marathon get in touch using our contact form.

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