Welcome to the Fletcher Sport Science website.

I would like to start by thanking all my athletes for their support during this difficult period. The Covid 19 lockdown has affected every part of society.

For us, this has meant closing our laboratory with a significant loss of income and with no end date in mind to reopen (will be a new location).

Because of the intimacy and invasive nature of physiological testing we will need to consider very carefully the level of protection we provide for anyone visiting the laboratory and of staff.

In the meantime, remote testing and coaching is still available and, over the next few weeks Fact sheets and e-books will be available in our Shop.

Our Consultants are also available for remote advice. Use the links at the bottom of the Home page or the contact details in each Consultants bio.

We continue to be available by email or mobile – use the Contact page to get in touch.

Stay safe and healthy – see you on the other side.

Eddie Fletcher 06/05/2020

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