Dr Mark Bellamy

Sports Psychologist

Dr Mark Bellamy is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Mark has been active in support and development with Sportspeople, the Military and many performance environments over the previous 25 years.

As well as working with several athletes supported by Eddie Fletcher over the previous few years (which has been a thoroughly enjoyable process), Mark has worked with UK-Athletics across three Olympic Games providing Psychological support to their Olympic athletes. Mark was the lead Psychologist for UK-Athletics across the 2012 Olympic Games and works with athletes from a broad spectrum of sports, ages and levels of performance.

Mark’s speciality is in working with people to help them to perform at peak, to live a life that they are proud of and in the development of positive mental health as a bedrock of a great life.

‘Since 2012 much of my work is in development sport and in the field of positive mental health, as well as developing approaches to work with Colleges and Universities to help young people develop the skills to help protect them from poor mental health. He also works in business developing and mentoring professionals.’

You can contact him at mark@performt.com or telephone 07941 040013.

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